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 無料で音楽聴き放題のアプリ! - MusicBoxR  APK Download

無料で音楽聴き放題のアプリ! - MusicBoxR APK

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Title: 無料で音楽聴き放題のアプリ! - MusicBoxR
Author: CreativeProjects
Latest Version: 4.1 and up
Last Update: September 7, 2017

Download 無料で音楽聴き放題のアプリ! - MusicBoxR APK from CreativeProjects last update September 7, 2017 and Developer Email super.creative.projects[@]

無料で音楽聴き放題のアプリ! - MusicBoxR ✨✨ 新登場! みんなのプレイリストも聴けちゃう無料音楽アプリ ✨✨

🎵 無料音楽アプリ MusicBoxRの主な特徴 🎵
- ✅ 音楽(MV)が全て完全無料で聴き放題!
- ✅ 他のアプリを使いながら音楽が聴ける!
- ✅ みんなが作ったプレイリスト(Mixリスト)を簡単に検索&再生できる!
- ✅ 最新の音楽もランキングで見やすく簡単にみつかる!
- ✅ 歌詞を見ながら曲が聴ける歌詞検索機能も新登場!
- ✅ 連続再生・リピート再生・シャッフル・ループ再生対応!!
- ✅ 履歴機能がついているので、聴いた曲を簡単に振り返れる!


========================= 重要事項 =============================


※ このアプリは、YouTube動画のストリーミング再生を行うアプリです。
YouTube APIで公式に提供されている動画コンテンツのみを再生しております。



============================================================== ✨✨ new appearance! Free music app would listen also everyone's play list ✨✨

🎵 main feature of free music app MusicBoxR 🎵
- all-you-can listen in ✅ music (MV) is all completely free!
- ✅ music to listen while using other apps!
- ✅ everyone is a play list (Mix list) easy to find and can play that made!
- ✅ latest music also found easy to see easily in the rankings!
- lyrics ✅ songs while watching the lyrics listen search feature new appearance!
- ✅ continuous playback repeat play shuffle loop playback support! !
- so ✅ history feature is attached, a song I heard easily Furikaereru!

One after another function additional upcoming! !

========================= important matters ======================= ======

This app can not be background playback of YouTube videos.
In addition, the sleep mode, the playback of the lock screen is not supported.

※ This app is an application that performs streaming playback of YouTube videos.
We play only the video content that has been officially provided by the YouTube API.
It does not take place at all, such as saving to video and music of the terminal.

This app is only to link to the content of the service through the YouTubeAPI,
Because you are using a player that Youtube has to offer
It is not possible to control the content of Youtube directly.
If you find the music and videos that have been illegally uploaded, thank you for violation report from YouTube.

[Important] This app is in compliance with the YouTube Terms of Service.
For on the YouTube Terms, it can not be separated from the audio and video,
At the time of playback while using other apps, it will continue to display the video also on the screen.
Also, you can not play in the lock screen.
The terminal does not play the video in the sleep mode state (state the video is not displayed).
Since the image disappears when the sleep mode, the audio does not play.

================================================== ============

Screenshot 無料で音楽聴き放題のアプリ! - MusicBoxR APK

 無料で音楽聴き放題のアプリ! - MusicBoxR APK Cover 無料で音楽聴き放題のアプリ! - MusicBoxR APK Cover 無料で音楽聴き放題のアプリ! - MusicBoxR APK Cover 無料で音楽聴き放題のアプリ! - MusicBoxR APK Cover
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